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GFX Misc Dishonored HD Screenshot Pack 21/07/2017 (Moved File)

HD Dishonored Screenshots taken by me, no HUD elements in them

  1. 21/07/2017 (Moved File)

    Just moving the file off my personal server to a google drive to clear up space​
  2. The Pack is Complete! - Also entered into April contest

    This updates completes this pack with screenshots from every chapter of the game. There may be smaller updates adding high chaos elements & user requested sections in later on but for now it is complete. The total now is 552 screenshots which are all 1920x1080 & totally unique.

    Full change list below
    + Updated Resource Info & Icon
    + Corrected ordering of the pack
    + Coverted pack to .jpg to reduce download size (1.26GB -> 604MB)
    + Added House of Pleasure Screenshots...
  3. Updated to request by moderators & High overseer Campbell + Kalwdins Bridge Packs Added

    This update just adds to the description of the resource in the C.R.I.B by offering a GIF animation of the images in the pack at the top of the description so you can see whats in the pack and get an idea of what you'll be getting. Also I've taken a load more screenshots in the High overseer Campbell and Kaldwin's Bridge missions, I'll be getting through the rest of the missions and DLC missions soon, don't worry :)
  4. New & Improved Screenshots

    So I've been in the works to improve this pack along with others, This update give the pack a complete re-do with several screenshots coming from each and every chapter of the game. All screenshots are Hud-less and full HD 1080p. So far there are only screenshots from the Pre-titles sequence and the first chapter "Dishonored". More will be coming in the following days to complete the pack. ​