Cornish Games Night

Hi I'm Jamie from the cgn (cornishgamesnight) but you can call me jimbob for a name given me back when I was a sk8ter.

I run a YouTube gaming channel now and I am very active. 4 years ago I was not much active because I also had other ambitions. I dj all around the UK so that made me busy.
But it is only last year I became so very active on my YouTube channel.
I have been with freedom for a very long time but never really revealed my self. Till now.
Enough about me my gaming channel I play horror, survival games, funny and random, and vrgames, everyday I am trying so hard for the channel to make everyone happy and to enjoy what I do. I hope to be in freedoms spotlight and they could reach out more to me because being with freedom for a very long time has always made me happy. I also do collaboration because making friends is great and I live doing game charity's. So yeah that's me my small self and my goal if you want to chat with me contact me on twitter.
have a great day :).
August 2