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  1. Dantavious Williams

    Resources Free Social Media Branding Template "VIPER"

    Dantavious Williams submitted a new resource: Free Social Media Branding Template "VIPER" - Free Youtube/Twitter Banner & Profile Pic Read more about this resource...
  2. Dantavious Williams

    GFX Banners Free Social Media Branding Template "VIPER" 2018-06-30

    Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe!
  3. Dantavious Williams

    My Portfolio :D

    I'm going to upload some my art but if you rather here is a link to my portfolio!
  4. Dantavious Williams

    Any musicians here??

    I do music but not on youtube. I guess you can say I'm a Soundcloud rapper lol. Here is a link
  5. Dantavious Williams

    YouTube Advice for editing?

    All the stuff they said and background music is always a nice touch. Not to loud though
  6. Dantavious Williams

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subscriber Milestone

    Congrats man. I remember hitting 1k. Now we both grind for that 10k
  7. Dantavious Williams

    GFX Channel Rebirth?

    I've recently changed my channel from gaming to GFX. Bold move I know and I apologize to anyone who followed my gaming but I hadn't released in a video in a while. However I do art everyday so I might as well record it and show the process to everyone. Subscribe if you like what you see.
  8. Dantavious Williams

    Entertainment Free Shout outs!

    I will check all your channels out!
  9. Dantavious Williams

    Entertainment Free Shout outs!

    Just watch the video it explains it all!
  10. Dantavious Williams

    Offering Let Me Review It! Check me out and give feedback :P
  11. Dantavious Williams

    Gaming Pokemon GO Gameplay/ First Look

    I was able to get Pokemon Go without being on beta. Go check out the video and comment and subscribe for the tutorial on how to get the app.
  12. Dantavious Williams

    PC Gaming group | Collab network?

    What's your skype?
  13. Dantavious Williams

    PC Gaming group | Collab network?

    I'm wanting to start a group of gamers(Very original right??) that play pc. My idea for this group is for all of us to record together and promote each other as a unit and progress it into something big. I have been on my new Youtube account for a week now and things are looking great. 130+...
  14. Dantavious Williams

    Solved No Ad revenue?

    So, I've just recently been partnered and I understand it takes some time for it to update the estimated amount of revenue. However Google's estimated revenue is showing me close to $7 while Freedom is saying "empty". Just confused and thought I would try here before posting a ticket :/
  15. Dantavious Williams

    PC Looking For Funny Gamers For Youtube Vids

    I'm interested. My skype: MrSwindle941
  16. Dantavious Williams

    Gaming DanCan.... EVERYTHING

    Favorite game this year would have to paragon.
  17. Dantavious Williams

    Gaming DanCan.... EVERYTHING

    Hello, my name is Dan. I'm from southern United States and im 19 years old. I found freedom through various youtube videos. After doing extensive research on the network I thought it would be great to join because of the numerous features offered. I have been partnered by other networks on...