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  1. MrGboy

    Where do y'all get inspired for your channel banner?

    I do not have a good channel banner. Where would you make it?
  2. MrGboy

    Official Updated - New Freedom! Network Joining Requirements

    Thanks for your Service! ❤️
  3. MrGboy

    Music Hi I am CHQ Karaoke!

    Hello, About the thing that we will boost you up in 4k watch hours and 1k Subscribers. Don't think that im a negative person. First we cannot do that for you, the thing that we could only give you is to give some tips on how to do things that you don't know. To get your goal you must Get it...
  4. MrGboy

    Official Updated - New Freedom! Network Joining Requirements

    I was so happy to hear this news. Now I'll make videos with a nice content. This is kinda off topic but. Where would you download some Very Good And Non Copyrighted Music?
  5. MrGboy

    YouTube Views Milestone my video has 2k views

    Congratulations to you.
  6. MrGboy


    5/10 but if with discord. I'll rate it 9/10. It will be only 10/10 if your friends will be the other player at the same Lobby.
  7. MrGboy

    Media: Mario Kart DS - GBA Sky Garden fast lap 21:052 [German Record]

    Nice Gameplay BTW. Just continue! What you love to do.
  8. MrGboy

    Other Milestone YouTube Memberships

    Wow! Just continue and don't stop! To aim some good things
  9. MrGboy

    What was your suggested Mobile Game? Comment now!!!

    In other words let's talk a little bit about games. By not saying any Spoiling Discussion. Let's Talk About it.
  10. MrGboy

    Subscriber Milestone Yay! I got 10 subscribers!

    Congratulations. Stay positive.
  11. MrGboy


    Let's Talk in the comment Section.
  12. MrGboy

    How To Get sponsored! - by Freedom

    I love to but i do not have computer yet. I'll wait for the time.
  13. MrGboy

    Subscriber Milestone I hit 50 subscribers!

    And now you are at 60Subscribers, Congratulations! Just be a original person/ content creator.
  14. MrGboy

    YouTube Views Milestone my video has 2k views

    Congratulations. More views to come! Power to everyone and stay Healthy.
  15. MrGboy

    Gaming Free to Use Gameplay

  16. MrGboy

    Community Hello i am Gboy and from the Philippines

    Ok thanks for the hand, appreciate it.
  17. MrGboy

    Can anyone tell me how Active Freedom Before?

    That's just a big Challenge for every small youtubers, but if he/she wanted to have it... He/she will never stop. But sadly its not active that much.
  18. MrGboy

    Can anyone tell me how Active Freedom Before?

    Asking to the old Members... Please reply i want to know:( Is it so different today?
  19. MrGboy

    Is laptop ok to make a YouTube channel on ?

    I only use my phone and guess what. My channel is ON! :>
  20. MrGboy

    How active are you on the forum?

    Active as long i have an internet to spend with. Philippines numba one Slow internet basically in other provinces But if i would like to be active 24/7 i can. Always with the word Patience.