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  1. Rache

    Gaming New Gamer Producer

    Thank you I just subscribe your YouTube channel be free to subscribe back
  2. Rache

    Gaming New Gamer Producer

    I’m a student at Full Sail University, my major is music business of science and at the moment I’m a new beat producer really into any genre sounds. I’m honestly trying to get my material heard and into the works of some connections where I can land a job far as in the music industry or gaming...
  3. Rache

    Gaming New Gamer Producer

    I’m mainly into hip hop but I’m very versatile to any genre of music and was wondering if anyone looking for any game producers contact me an Be feel free to check out any of my latest production of beats’m new To Freedom I’m a upcoming proper, songwriter and...
  4. Rache

    Comments How can I gain more subscribers to my YouTube page?

    im new to Freedom and need a little advice how to use this and grow from this. If you have any advice I would be happy to take it.