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  1. Hail Kira

    Your thoughts on people being Transgender?

    well then, HailKeira. ;)
  2. Hail Kira

    Publicly Traded Youtube Channel

    Its a combination of things, I pay out whatever my video card mines, plus whatever the channel earns in a month from all the views across my channel. Some is from ads, but I also have given away a 6 month youtube premium subscription to the tokenholders.
  3. Hail Kira

    Publicly Traded Youtube Channel

    I have created a youtube viewer reward system using a cryptocurrency called Ravencoin. On ravencoin you can create your own tokens of value based on whatever you like. I tokenized my Youtube Channel and give away tokens to my viewers. These tokens on Ravencoin also have another special...
  4. Hail Kira

    Motivation, what is it?

    Currently Im trying to help make VR more popular. I love playing VR and just want others to see how great it is. In the end though everything I do, I do for my daughters I suppose...
  5. Hail Kira

    Why are PC's so expensive?!

    Yeah a high end PC can be really pricey... I just spent about $2400(cad) to put together a good VR rig... Specs Ryzen 1700 Gtx 1070 Msi b350 tomahawk mobo 32gb ddr4 2400 ram SSDs I didnt even go crazy...
  6. Hail Kira

    Any good games for a low spec pc?

    I highly suggest Stardew Valley... Also Factorio is really well done. Both will run on a potato...
  7. Hail Kira

    Steam Games , what is your most played game

    Sorry Im not sure... Ive had several instances when my steam thinks I am in game when Im not and adds additional hours of gameplay. Plus I play a different game almost every time I play, so I tend to put very few hours into most games. My main steam account Ive played alot of South Park Stick...
  8. Hail Kira

    What Game Got You Into Gaming?

    Before the NES, Bubble Bobble, Galaga, Burger Time, Shark! Shark! Some of the first games I loved... When NES was out I was really into platformers and rpgs... During the Snes era I was an RPG completionist... I played through all the snes Rpgs I could get. I also still enjoyed platformers...
  9. Hail Kira

    2017 Goals

    This year... My wife and I are having our 4th daughter... Im building the most powerful PC Ive ever had. And Im going to Vega's in July. Other than that I plan to play VR as much as I can and experiement with making a VR game...
  10. Hail Kira

    How do you like to spend your time?

    All of the above, plus reddit and some other things. My favorite thing to do is play VR though.
  11. Hail Kira

    What's your favorite editing software?

    I use Pinnacle Studio for editing videos.
  12. Hail Kira

    Forums Forum Credits - How do they work?

    Oh wow... I was wondering when this was happening
  13. Hail Kira

    What game are you most excited about this year?

    Fallout 4 VR... Ive been holding off on playing it until it got full VR support.
  14. Hail Kira

    What is your favorite game to play Right Now?

    Ive been playing VR... latest has been a game called Knockout League which is like Mike Tyson's Punch Out... except... virtual...
  15. Hail Kira


    Awesome! Its good to see we got another VR player in Freedom! :) I play with the HTC Vive. Im gonna check out what games you play when I have a chance... Ive been really busy the last month.
  16. Hail Kira

    What games are you excited for late 2016/2017?

    Fallout 4 VR
  17. Hail Kira

    What you hoping to get for christmas

    Im not totally sure what Im getting... I know I bought my wife and kid 3ds's and some games, tvs, and some other stuffs. Some new clothes would be nice. I want a new computer but Im going to get that in jan or feb when I get my holiday pay.
  18. Hail Kira

    What it looks like when you own a search term

    Thats alot of tags my man... good work... Drives me nuts typing out tonnes of variations of similar tags... Lol
  19. Hail Kira

    Is Youtube Success Just Luck?

    Luck does play a big role... Some people get lucky and theyre content finds its way to good places... Other times... the content is just limited to your audience which is usually the case.