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  1. F! Ian

    YouTube Issue with copyright claim

    Hey, Carl. Where did you get the music? Sounds like either the rights owner just recently uploaded the reference file for the song or it was claimed manually. I suggest you give Freedom!'s Music Factory a try to see if there's anything you can use for your outro. Those are guaranteed free from...
  2. F! Ian

    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!

  3. F! Ian

    Gaming Freedom! is a 2X game publisher

    Yep. Available only on Steam (link in George's post).
  4. F! Ian

    YouTube Are piano covers of modern composers be copyirght striked?

    Whenever you use content that isn't yours, and you don't have the permissions for, you always run the risk of getting a strike or a Content ID claim. The question is how much of a risk is it? Content ID works by matching what's in its database to what's on your video. If it finds a match, it'll...
  5. F! Ian

    Media: DOOM GUYS!!! | Fall Guys...but it's free!!! | So Bad It's Good 6

    Doom Guys wasn't half bad. If you decide to do an Among Us video, I believe there's a free legit version on Android.
  6. F! Ian

    Gaming So I am almost done with the game.

    Only learned of this game from your posts, here. Love the concept, but doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. What did you enjoy most about the game?
  7. F! Ian

    How To Get sponsored! - by Freedom

    You got it in one! Like George said, it's for members of the Freedom! community, partnered and non-partnered alike, who have been actively spreading the Freedom! spirit here, in the video comments page, and on Discord.
  8. F! Ian

    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!

  9. F! Ian

    Media: The Strigoi Of Istria - A Historical Account Of A Vampire - Forgotten Fables #1

    Liked the video. Did you do the visuals yourself? I kept expecting Geralt to burst through the door. :D
  10. F! Ian

    Subscriber Milestone 13,000

    Congratulations on your milestone, Mark!
  11. F! Ian

    YouTube Did youtube do some sort of purge?

    Not that I've heard of. YT does regular sweeps of user accounts and sub numbers could be affected as a result. Here's an article they have on it.
  12. F! Ian

    How To Get sponsored! - by Freedom

    Consider it a way for us to give a little of the Freedom! love back to deserving community members.
  13. F! Ian

    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!

  14. F! Ian

    Service Request Can anybody write a script

    Hey, Dean. What kind of video were you thinking of doing?
  15. F! Ian

    Entertainment "Re-introducing" ninjajou10!!!

    Definitely not your Doomness, sir! One of your stature would not stoop to using anything as banal as Google.
  16. F! Ian

    Entertainment "Re-introducing" ninjajou10!!!

    Thanks for taking up George's suggestion, @ninjajou10 ! :) As an aside, whenever I see "Latvia" my brain keeps trying to autocorrect it to "Latveria". Stupid brain.
  17. F! Ian

    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!

  18. F! Ian

    Do y'all game on browser sites?

    Looks interesting. Any game suggestions?
  19. F! Ian

    Movies and TV Shows Any good movies or shows to watch?

    The 2nd season of Umbrella Academy was the most recent series I've watched. Also re-watched the 1986 Transformers animated movie with my kids last week (they loved it). What've you been into?
  20. F! Ian

    Do y'all game on browser sites?

    To be honest, it's been a while since I played a browser game. What ya got?