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    Pokemon Light Platinum - Part 2: Route 401 & Central City

    Welcome to Pokemon Light Platinum Part 2! Today we go exploring around Route 401 and Central City, but before all that there are some stuff to do in our home town! 00:01 - Freebies around town. 02:10 - Route 401 20:12 - Central City + Freebies Like what you see? ➟ Donate...
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    SAUCY BOYS - Episode 1 (Minecraft / Bedrock Edition)

    Saucy Boys Play Minecraft for the first time together in this Survival series madness! Like what you see? ➟ Donate! ➞ Subscribe! Want to stay connected? ➞ Facebook: ➞ Twitter: ➞ Instagram...
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    Unboxings & Reviews Avermedia HD Game Capture 2 REVIEW

    Yeah posted it twice by mistake, haha mistake happen. Well the Elgato needs the use of a PC in order to run it and record your gaming clips and now some capture cards can be inserted into your pc, but say if your someone who doesn't or cant afford a high end pc to run the program/capture card...
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    AverMedia HD Game Capture 2 - Mark Reviews

    Mark Reviews the AverMedia HD Game Capture 2 Capture Card, Recording your Consoles through HDMI support, up to 1080p Quality at 30 FPS. Wanna Support the Channel? ➟ Donate: ➞ Subscribe! Want to stay connected? ➞ Facebook: ➞...
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    Unboxings & Reviews Avermedia HD Game Capture 2 REVIEW

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    Upload Milestone 400+ unboxing videos

    That would be a nice milestone goal. I think ill run out of space for dvds before I reach close to that number
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    Upload Milestone 400+ unboxing videos

    The ones that are part of my collection I do, like the Warner bros iconic moments, dream-works collection, hmv exclusive festive collect, Disney classics, scooby doo etc... sadly I dont have a lot of room anymore so all the random dvd I pick up I have to watch and eventually sell to make room...
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    Does Anyone Else Here Collect Pokemon Cards?

    I used to collect Pokemon Cards, but Im more into Collecting my Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. I have nothing wrong with Pokemon, buts its hard managing the two :)
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    Gaming I'm a small youtuber with 25 subs

    Good Luck with the gaming. If you want help on a good recorder software for PC, I recommend Action! Screen Capture. If you wanna Live Stream stick to OBS.
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    Upload Milestone 400+ unboxing videos

    Can believe it, but I finally got over 400 unboxings videos on my channel, insane and the year isnt even over! Trying to reach 1,000 unboxings videos if possible as a goal. Mostly I do DVD Unboxing now, but on the rare chance I do Game Unboxings and Product Unboxings. I still think this is a...
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    Upload Milestone Upload Scheduled kept for 2018!

    So last year I set my self some goals for my channel, a way to keep me busy and working hard. One of them goals was Keep a Upload Schedule, and I did. I kept a Regular upload of posting 2 new videos a week, on Monday & Tuesday at 10AM. That is a good goal to achieve, 2019 I plan on Keeping the...
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    Solved Now that monetization is re-enabled on my channel, can I please be partnered again?

    I kind of stop going back to a partnership when I got re-enable monetization on my channel. I still use the forums, because I love the community on Freedom and I will continue to support the community, but I dont want to be partnered lol Im just happy running a channel posting videos I love.
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    Life Photo a day Timelapse for 8 years!

    love videos like these, did you take a photo each month? for every 2 months?
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    Request Review my Channel

    Hi, 2018 is ending and 2019 is around the corner, Ive hit some amazing milestones this year and want to prepare myself for 2019 with some new goals, and what better way to get them goals is to get a review of my channel, so im asking for help with this, please review my channel and help me...
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    YouTube Ideas on how to grow niche channels?

    you can make regular upload schedule which is important, make sure you focus on quality content and quantity, post your videos to social media (twitter, facebook etc..) so that your audience can interactive with you, and reply to comments on a regular basis. remember be yourself and be happy...