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    YouTube playlist vs. video embeds

    Embeds were great for youtube during the 2000s helped grew the site from sites like myspace and other social media websites alike rather quickly
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    New Apply for mcn

    Thread locked - CONTACT SUPPORT [email protected]
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    New Apply for mcn

    Please email support at [email protected] The forums team cannot do that so contact support Contact support at [email protected] forums team has no ability to approve you so email support
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    New Apply for mcn

    email support [email protected]
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    Forums Video content on the forum

    Sorry for the late reply far as I know the stats were by page views of the website/forums not by clicking the actual embed so its yes but not all of them
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    channel review

    It means email support
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    Halo Infinite SUCKS

    I must say the free to play stuff for halo infinite is only cosmetic and doesn't really change the gameplay at all for me since I really don't care about cosmetics but i do like the game but also found it weird that they didn't this even hinting at it in the open beta
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    YouTube Any tips for a channel with Shorts?

    Hello there! I've been running a few experiments myself with YouTube Shorts, Keep in mind it is only been a short experiment, however, I'll tell you what I've learnt or seen from my experience. I think it's a great idea to do shorts right now they seem to get viewership and engagements in...
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    Network Partners who sent an email confirming about the email that they received

    Just like someone else has told you please email support at [email protected]
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    Games First Impressions, Honest Thoughts and Conclusion about New World

    First Impressions, Honest Thoughts and Conclusion about New World First Impressions By the first impression the game looks amazing, there are not too many problems with the game even at launch which normally there would be server issues and what which companies like blizzard have problems for...
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    VidCon 2021 Cancelled – YouTubers are sad :-(

    Indeed VidCon use to be massive even but not to sure if comes back it will go well since before the global pandemic people were moving away from VidCon anyway
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    Indie Developer Quits Steam – 2 Hour Refund Policy – Good or Bad?

    @Cornish Games Night great video dude honestly as we spoke on Twitter about
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    In progress Ineed to join to Freedom please Help me

    Like what @LW001 said previously please check the support ticket you made on Discord
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    PC trying to put together a group for Minecraft content

    It's hard to get people who are content creators to be a part of groups like this to collaborate even for us it was hard to get people on our servers and the best way to get players on ya group or server is by people already enjoy watching ya videos.
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    Games GTAV FiveM RP Mod?

    Does anyone know how to install the RP Mod for FiveM?
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    Official How to Claim Badges and Awards!

    As of right now just contact me via dms on the forums or discord MrDJSilva#7106
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    New World by Amazon is amazing!

    Nice stuff @George
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    Community Freedom! Community Team Program REVAMP!!!!

    Freedom! Community Team Program APPLY HERE! Program Description Freedom! Family is looking for members for its Community Team as being a part of the community you will be a leading example for the rest of the community by being an active member on our community forums and discord servers. You...
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    MrDJSilva's Life of Dylan Skylar (ep. 1) - UBER EATS DRIVER ALMOST ARRESTED BY POLICE!

    LINKS & INFORMATION BELOW! MrDJSilva's Life of Dylan Skylar (ep. 1) - UBER EATS DRIVER ALMOST ARRESTED BY POLICE! GET CONNECTED! --------------------------------------------------- SIGN UP AT MRDJSILVA.COM ► ✉ EMAIL ME ► [email protected] GET MERCH ►...