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  1. ian thagger

    Resources Best place to find a free channelart

    Visit This is a website full amazing pics you can use as your channelart
  2. ian thagger

    Request I need someone to review my animation channel

    Its now weeks and I have been making animations .I need someone to review my channel and videos
  3. ian thagger

    Watch Time Milestone 1000 minutes watch time

    Thank you for 1000 minutes watchtime
  4. ian thagger

    Network I think YouTube should make their own freedom app

    This may attract more users on freedom and more users =more shares
  5. ian thagger

    YouTube How I made 1000 views in just a day

    Keywords is the key to success on YouTube 1-i used a title which was suitable for my animation 2:made a good thumbnail which was clickable 3:used keywords in my description and made it long 4:used perfect tags for my video . That's what I did to get 1000 views within hours
  6. ian thagger

    VLOG I need someone to tell me a story to animate

    I need suggestions from you guys on what or story I should animate
  7. ian thagger

    YouTube Views Milestone I made 1000 views in my recent YouTube videos within two days

    First I generated a good title Then used keywords on my description .I advice you make your description abit long Then I used related tags in my video . After a day I had hit 1000 views with only 20 subs
  8. ian thagger

    Request Take a look at my channel and if I should continue with YouTube

    Currently I have 12subs
  9. ian thagger

    Gaming Looking for a gamer to compete with in anyngame

    When do you want the challange
  10. ian thagger

    How t-series got 9000 subscribers in one second (ANSWERED!!)

    T-series got 9000 subs in 1 second How? Watch the video to learn how. . .SUBSCRIBE
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    Daily routine || my dressing code

    Daily routine of my dressing code. Men's fashion
  12. ian thagger

    Best fps shooting game

    Best fps shooting game . Link for the game . ✅✅ SUBSCRIBE . ✅✅ Instagram
  13. ian thagger

    Demonic manor 2 full game walkthrough

    Demonic manor 2 full game . In this video I am doing doing a full demonic manor 2 gameplay . . ✅✅ SUBSCRIBE . ✅✅ Instagram
  14. ian thagger

    Loveable (official instrumental video) ||Thagger||

    Loveable (official instrumental video) . Enjoy your Christmas with your lovers . Social media
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    I challenge anyone in any game

    I am giving a free challange to anyone in any game challange