1. Row

    Official How to Change your Forum Username

    Hey Freedom! family, What's that? You need to change your username to escape the authorities but can't find a way how? Not to worry! Just follow these steps: (y) (Y) Go to the Freedom! Forums Store. Scroll down to find the product "Change User Name" Make sure you have the sufficient amount of...
  2. MWproductions1000

    Comedy HOW IS BABBY FORMED? | Q&A #1

    I answer questions from my friends on Facebook! Feel free to leave some questions down in the comments, tweet them at me, or ask me stuff on my Tumblr to get featured in the next video!
  3. Der Sky

    Tipps für Anfänger | Links & Ressourcen [2017]

    Willkommen bei Freedom! @Thorsten Fischer hat schonmal eine Liste mit Tipps und Ressourcen zusammengestellt, diese Version ist eine ähnliche Version, nur geupdated und mit mehr Tipps. Wenn ihr noch weitere Links o.ä. habt, meldet euch per PN / PM :)! Freedom! Sponsorships Zazzy | Fan...
  4. LW

    Solved [GUIDE] Payment Issues and how to solve them.

    There's been a couple of misconceptions about Payments and receiving them in the Support Section of the forums lately, so I thought I'd clear things up. When you've been accepted to Freedom! you will have access to a Dashboard at https://freedom.tm . It looks like this: My Dashboard as an...
  5. AreebSK

    Solved Monetization Sign Gone?!?

    Hello. My channel name is Chaos Gaming. I have a few videos that I always had monetized from the start. In my video manager, they always had the green "dollar" sign. Now, I checked back and none of the videos have the dollar sign. The videos still have ads but there is no sign. When I try to...
  6. Daegnard

    Oficial [IMPORTANTE ¡LEER ANTES DE PREGUNTAR!] Preguntas Frecuentes - F.A.Q.

    ¡Hola a todos! __________________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANTE: Hay un equipo completo de atención en los departamentos de asistencia al cliente dispuestos a ayudaros a través de sus vías de contacto, pero no a través del foro, no a través de...