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  1. Cornish Games Night

    The Medium- Game Review - MGN TV

    This game was so good. we are very proud to upload this review! The medium is a psychological horror game that allows you to use the supernatural powers to see the other reality and uncover dark mysteries and deeply disturbing secrets! If you are looking for an amazing storytelling game then...
  2. MrGboy


    5/10 but if with discord. I'll rate it 9/10. It will be only 10/10 if your friends will be the other player at the same Lobby.
  3. Trauson

    Comedy Trying a new format

    Hey , well i did not come into freedom forums latelly so hey again. Ive used to do videos in spanish and i had a format which focused more in a different style of video. Latelly ive made the desition to abandon my spanish speaking videos in favor of a different format where i speak in english...
  4. Scalperhero

    Gaming Time Warpers Game Review (Time Warpers Early Access)

    Time Warpers is what's called an 'incremental game'. There's always a fun upgrade to look forward to, and the numbers keep getting bigger! Collect gold, upgrade your weapons & teammates, and even join up with other players in the world as you defeat the enemies & get stronger. All of your...
  5. riganthor

    Gaming Duelling Game Opinions: Horizon Zero Dawn, mecha dinosaurs!

    In this episode we go into earths future, in a time where mechanical dinosaurs roam the earth. we are going to look Horizon Zero dawn. we will look if this game is any good, if it make any sense and... well it doesnt make sense but hey you get to fight mechanical dinosaurs! so come and join in...
  6. Scalperhero

    Gaming Stick Fight: The Game - Game Review

    In this video i Review the game known as stick fight: the game this game has a lot going for it but the punching attack is so crappy it's almost a deal breaker for me but the rest of the game saves it the graphic are very basic, but the gun fighting is really awesome which is one of the best...
  7. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    Gaming OverWatch Playlist!

    Hey There Guys! Im looking for poeple who enjoy Overwatch and would like to come watch me perform some awesome skills and also talk about the Game in Depth and deliver my point of view on the Gameplay and Characters! Come Check it Out! Im on PS4...
  8. Trippst3r

    Gaming I'm Still Here - A New Indie Game

    Hey Freedom! family! I have become a fan of indie games over the years as they bring new ideas to the already vast world known as the video game industry. I found one game in particular called I'm Still Here by Cozy Game Pals. I hope you enjoy my video on it, and I highly recommend checking out...
  9. SteveOfWarr

    Review4Review An Objective Look at Resident Evil 7's DLC

    If anyone has time I'd love to have some feedback on my latest review! Have taken on previous critiques from fellow forum users and hopefully stuck a nice balance with this one ^_^ Happy to provide constructive feedback on anyone else's channels if they fancy it!
  10. Trippst3r

    Gaming A Game Review on 8BitBoy

    Hello Freedom family! I used one of the perks of being a partner with the great network and snagged the free game 8BitBoy™! Check out some gameplay and a general review on my channel. Note: This is my first video in about 4 months. The video was unedited and recorded in one attempt. I hope...
  11. Nathan Scullard

    Gaming I AM CONAN THE BARBARIAN!!! | Conan Exiles (REVIEW)

  12. Nathan Scullard


  13. Scalperhero

    Gaming Earth Invasion - Scalperhero Game Review

    Welcome everyone to pretty much my first game review this game review is on the game Earth Invasion a 3rd person shooting game where you have to get out of the areas the graphics look pretty good and the game play is really nice as well the character movement is also pretty smooth there was a...
  14. SteveOfWarr

    Review4Review Please review my latest Video!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted on here, life commitments etc... have gotten in the way and made things a little difficult keep up with everything Freedom!. So I was hoping to get a review or a... well, REVIEW that I made for the PC version of Dead Rising 4. It's the first of...
  15. DaLemonKingMC

    Gaming 50 Years (Good? Bad? Awful?) Funny Gameplay Compilation

    Hey Freedom! Family!! 50 Years is a turn based strategy game that is like Civilization but much shorter. In this video I play through the game and give my fair rating on the quality of this game! Will it be great,? or down right awful? Watch to find out!
  16. Cliff Tripped

    Gaming Star Fox Halloween Special

    I Dive into the Wierd side of Star Fox in this Episode, also if you have a nice review post it here, It will be great to see it
  17. Chris

    Unboxings & Reviews Grand Kindom (PS Vita/PS4) Review

    Here is the review I made for Grand Kingdom (PS Vita). It is a wonderful strategy real time rpg game. And on top of that it's fully voice, with character animation.
  18. Jonathan

    Request Need Feedback (On My Game) [Android]

    So today I released my first game on Google Play, and it will be only IOS later this month. The game is a 2D Puzzle Platformer with a dark style. I've been making it for over a year and a half and I would like to hear what people think about the game maybe consider leaving a review on the...
  19. Jon Deathsight


    Just a quick Overwatch game review hope this can help you understand what the game is all about before you decide to purchase. also let me know what you guys think of a 60 dollar price tag on a game that is multiplayer online only I am curious what you guys think?