1. P

    Gaming Let me introduce my low end gaming channel

    Hi, I'm PotatoSpecGamers and I'm new in here so i don't know anything and still learn in here. I know this network because i discover it on youtube because at that time i was searching for why no commentary gameplay have no change to be monetized (i hope my channel is not on target). Like the...
  2. Giosaia S. Perillo

    Need 4 CS:GO players to play with me!!

    Hey gamers!! Do you play CS:GO? I need players that can play with me. My Steam username is: GSPVenus.
  3. Mbama Prince Gildas 2

    multigaming or specificate gaming?

    what kind of gamer are you? I'm multigaming on my youtube channel and you're pretty twitchy or YOUTUBE?
  4. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast Looking For More Memebers

    Hello my name is Kano from the Gamer Section Podcast. As you may know we been doing the podcast for almost 2 years and it's doing very well. We are looking for more panel members to talk about the latest in the gaming world including news, discussions, etc. If you are interested please contact...
  5. T

    PC Collab

    I am looking for people to collab with on pc, you must have a good mic and a ok computer Also at least an average of 20 views per vid, you have to be active and all