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  1. Koala_Steamed

    Read before posting Get good! - Rules [Read Before Posting]

    We are allowing video submissions in addition to text tutorials in this section, however this is not a section for just spam advertising your videos. Each submission will be reviewed first by our moderation team so if your thread does not follow the rules it will not be accepted. Please message...
  2. Vlad Jirnov

    Gaming Introducing PersonalityChange

    Hey guys, I'm a small gaming youtuber! Right now, I mostly upload tutorial videos about the video games that I enjoy playing. I do that because I love helping and teaching other people. I might starting doing gameplay series on those games and see how that goes in the future. Check out my...
  3. iLoveB1rds

    Request Feedback and Tips

    Let me know if i'm making a great job and give me some Tips to grow my Channel. Thank you! :)