1. I

    Request My channel to be reviewed

    Hi, I'd love for my channel to be reviewed, any constructive criticism/advice will be welcomed. I want to know what you guys think I'm doing wrong, what I'm doing good at and how I can improve my channel. Any Ideas as to what else I could do to improve my channel and help it grow, so that I may...
  2. I

    Community Motivation Channel Collab

    Age: 42 Channel Main Topic: Motivational Thoughts Other ways to contact you: Forum Conversation, email About your channel: is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, relationships, happiness...
  3. MrGboy

    Community Hello i am Gboy and from the Philippines

    Some of you would that i am like a spammer?! Maybe one time ill be in your posts, replying. Good Evening, Afternoon and Morning everyone. To everyone who reads this post... Thanks for reading and hoping that this will inspire you to be a Good Model of an Inspiring Youtuber. I am 15 Years old...
  4. MrGboy

    Educational How to make your Collaboration Successful.

    First of all you need to be not just a Co-workers for each Channel. This is a basic thing, to be a successful Teammates. You must also build up the friendship at each other. Where there would always starts the Connection to each other. Another one/last one. - to collaborate is to believe to...
  5. Koala_Steamed

    Minecraft: Is it a good time to start creating content?

    Minecraft has been one of those games that people love to play even up to now! The question now though, is it still a good time to start creating content on Minecraft? If you are a Minecraft fan and you still have plans to start your Minecraft channel, well, we have good news for you! Check out...
  6. GTX_Refael

    Film/Animation Get inspired by someone

    Hi, this is my first time trying to create something inspiring for everyone, hope i did good. Please tell me if you find it inspiring.
  7. Wequeofficial

    Fitness Fitness, Music Production, Cinematic shots And Gaming Thats all me!

    Hey my name is Weque, i'm from Houston Texas, Im a small Youtuber that likes to inspire people to work out, loves filming/editing and making music. My vision for the future is to create a Clothing Brand/Team called WOOPACK that inspires people to work out! Similar to Gymshark and Alphalete but...
  8. Dr. Dunk

    YouTube What videos to make?

    I'm a tech youtuber and make unboxings and reviews IF I can receive products. If not I made tutorials/guides about stuff like emulators, youtube tips/ setup, general computer stuff and sometimes I make tech news. Now for tech news, the video ideas are up to me and I don't want to upload another...
  9. A

    Educational Future Dates

    This is the most important video I have ever made. If you're going to watch any of my videos..this should be the one.
  10. gunsage

    Gaming Excuse My Gut - Winter Fitness Gaming Challenge!

    Hello everyone and thank you for checking this out! Up until recently, I'd been doing quickplays/impression vids for different games with different themes (horror in September/October, back to school in August, romance in February, etc.). However, I kept getting requests to do full...
  11. Rafij Rahman

    Resources Get Some inspiration!!

    Hello best friends, Basically everyone need inspiration.So today I just researched sometime on internet & I found these inspirational quotes and also one of my own quote .I don't know may be help you get some inspiration.So that's the reason I am sharing... 1.“The Way Get Started Is To Quit...
  12. Rafij Rahman

    How was the feeling of first 100 Subs :)

    Hey guys I just want to know how was your feeling when you heat your first 100 Subscriber :)
  13. Aesthetic Motivator

    PC Looking to collaborate with someone with similar content

    Hey guys! My name is Nenad, and i have a YouTube channel called Aesthetic Motivator. I make Gym motivational videos. It`s my fresh channel and im looking for someone with the similar content to make friends with & do collaborations. I`m new to the forums and don't know anyone. Let me know if...
  14. NJTV

    What next?

    Hey all. I need all your opinions on what would be the best thing to play right now on my channel to grow my sub count. All suggestions appreciated! Cheers all!
  15. KazamaDaisuke

    How can I avoid the lack of Inspiration for my Channel

    The lack of inspiration is killing me...when i have the perfect time to record,I have nice daylight so my facecam looks great but in this very moments i have a lack of inspiration that i have no idea how to avoid...this is getting old because this is the major reason why i don't upload videos...
  16. Boredom Killers

    Other Milestone Went out of my comfort zone and succeeded!

    The video is still being edited, but I'm so happy I made a music track, collaborated and recorded it with a friend on a shoestring budget - and then made a music video for it too with an equally shoestring budget. Outside of playing instruments, this was all entirely new to me, but we went...
  17. FrostByteTV

    Favorite YouTuber/Inspiration

    Do you have a favorite Youtuber and if so who? Did that YouTuber inspire you do start creating your own content or did inspiration come from somewhere else? Please tell us what inspired you to become what you are at this point! :) I'll be honest. I'm a Bro, yes the Brofist. My inspiration was...
  18. MoleTM

    Gaming An Introduction to MoleTM

    Hey Freedom! Family! My name is Tom, and my channel as I have stated is called MoleTM, originally going for the name Mole™, I realised that this was hard to find and wasn't correct to use as I have not trade marked the name Mole and the ™ symbol is difficult to type and i believe is impossible...
  19. S

    Sports Brand new fitness channel !

    My name is Stefan.I'm 18 years old.I found Freedom through and e-mail request asking me to join the network.I love playing the electric guitar and working out in the gym.I also like going swimming.I started Youtube because I want to share my fitness journey,my life and educate and inspire people...