1. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming GTA ASCENSION | Vlog 6 | New EXCLUSIVE Images + Celebrating GTA V's 10 Year Anniversary | GTA Machinima HD |

    The sixth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Ascension; the 10th and final film in the Agent 11 franchise. In this long overdue update vlog, we provide an update on where production currently stands on Ascension, explaining - also - where we have been the past few months. A new filming schedule...
  2. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment Grand Theft Auto ASCENSION | 5th VLOG | France Action Scenes + Second Q&A Session | GTA V Machinima HD

    The fifth official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Ascension; the 10th and final film in the Agent 11 franchise. In this latest video log, we provide an update on production and where we are with filming on the South of France sets, discussing the action and stunt sequences within. As requested, we...
  3. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment ASCENSION - Vlog 2 | Siberia Shoot Complete, Voice Cast Begin Work + First Q&A Announced! GTA V HD |

    The second official vlog for Grand Theft Auto Ascension; the 10th and final film in the Agent 11 franchise. In today's video, an update is provided on production, with the announcement that shooting on the Siberia sets is now complete. Further, we officially announce the commencement of the...
  4. travellingmonk

    YouTube how content get viral on youtube? i am unaware

    hi i have seen various videos on youtube getting viral and really surprised the kind of growth they achieved. did you face the same thing ever? i am working on youtube and trying to put cameras, lights , writings , etc on place but sometimes get discouraged when work is not being acknowledged !
  5. travellingmonk

    VLOG travelling monk, a vlogger from INDIA | new to this platform

    hi this is pardeep Singh aka Travelling monk. I am new to this platform and this is my first post here. i am a programmer by profession and digital content creator by passion . love to travel, making short films, etc i would love if someone wana share their stories and journey if belong to this...
  6. TheGamingGhost


    playing a funny v basketball game with the guys more basketball videos coming.
  7. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming The Heir of Scorpio | VLOG 5 | Soundtrack Discussion, Post-Prod Update | GTA V HD |

    The fifth official Vlog for Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio; the ninth and final chapter in the 'Agent 11' film franchise. In this update Vlog, we discuss the composers chosen for The Heir of Scorpio and the process behind selecting the soundtrack. Additionally, we provide an update on...
  8. Vlogging Tape


    HI guys! just looking fro some vlogging ideas ? i have a vlogging channel and i need some good ideas so i can film some interesting stuff! my life is pretty basic so i need some inspiration if anyone could help ! all ideas are welcome ! lets get a good discussion going on
  9. Peekstixx

    Gaming I'm a Gamer and Vlogger Youtuber

    Hey guys I'm peekstix. Im a yourube gamer and I'm playing minecraft and givng tutorials on what to build and how to build blocks. I also plan to make vlogs with my family since my daughter is coming this February. My wife is giving birth to my first child :) wish me luck guys and you will see...
  10. Chronically Cooking

    VLOG colaboration

    i would love to collab with other vlog channels or cooking channels. you can reply to this or you can instagram me at@hailhailfail. my youtube is chronically cooking. we can do a skype or facetime collab if that's easiest?.
  11. Chronically Cooking

    VLOG hello everyone

    hi my name is hailey. Im new to youtube. i'm trying to build a cooking and chronic illness channel. i have a genetic disorder called ehlers danlos. i have 3 dogs that are all a little crazy. I would love to do collabs to help us both grow.
  12. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming The Heir of Scorpio | Vlog 3 | Teaser Poster RELEASED, Filming Update + More! | GTA V Machinima HD |

    The third official Vlog for Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio; the ninth and final chapter in the 'Agent 11' film franchise. In today's video, we exclusively reveal the first official teaser poster for The Heir of Scorpio, whilst also discussing the upcoming promotional content period. In...
  13. Sneaker shopping therapy

    Subscriber Milestone Big massive thank you

    To everyone who has subbed to the channel or watched even 1 second of one of my videos. Just like to say a massive thank you . Being only 10 subs away from 5k makes me feel truly blessed.
  14. Sneaker shopping therapy

    Entertainment Well been mad busy come check out my vlog and see why

    Hi all been a while but been so busy with stuff have not posted in a bit but I'm back so checkout the vlog to see why I been so busy.
  15. Sneaker shopping therapy

    Subscriber Milestone 4000 SUBS LETS GET IT

  16. VlogsByCoco

    VLOG VlogsByCoco (You Go GlennCoco!)

    What's up, friends! I'm just an average city kid ready to share my adventures and experiences with the world, in whatever way that may be. I'm a recent high school graduate, and I'll be spending the next four years of my life in Vermont, attending Middlebury College for my undergraduate studies...
  17. Mateus Simas


  18. Sneaker shopping therapy

    VLOG Super busy weekend as had to fit a lot in a small window

    Managed to go to London and finally road test the Nike Air vapormax Flyknit 3 joints. How will they hold up on a day when walking a few good miles are required? Join me for an on feet wear / road test. Also managed to grab the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Defiant 1 NYC to Paris and more...
  19. SlingshotSA

    VLOG Finally Reaching Max Level in Pokemon Go

    Hope you guys enjoy the video!!
  20. S

    VLOG New Vlogger

    Your name/alias: J Where are you from?: Philippines Why did you start YouTube? I had always wanted to start ny channel and share to the world the episodes of my life What kind of channel do you run?: I run a vlogging channel :) How frequently do you upload?: It depends but i upload everytime i...