1. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 90 Subscribers!

    Yay! 90! Go and subscribe!
  2. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 82 SUBSCRIBERS!

    Yay! 82 SUBS! Yesterday I had 78 and now 82! Also, don't forget to like and subscribe!
  3. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 75 Subscribers! Yay!

    75 Subscribers! Yay! 75 Subscribers! Big thanks to everyone who is a subscriber! So close to 100 subscribers! If you want to learn programming fast and free my channel is for you! ^^ Also new videos every week! Please Subscribe!
  4. GR3Y

    Subscriber Milestone 100 subs yay now i can show off to my parents and then have them disown me

    whelp..i got 100. PRAISE ME GOD DAMN IT I NEED ATTENTION. I'm sorry that was rude but a little attention wouldn't hurt would it? ;)