Tips & Tricks Diploma in Yoga Therapy


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Apr 26, 2023
At Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, the Yoga Therapy schedule is designed to train graduates and talented yoga teachers in the specialized field of clinical/therapeutic aspects of yoga. This special course equips students with the essential skills to become part of Yoga Therapy teams in hospitals, social organizations, and educational institutes.

The program places emphasis on the scientific aspects of traditional therapies, advancing the awareness and restoration of Positive Health and aiding in Personality Development through the practice of yoga. Students delve into the roots or causes of specific diseases, studying them through research surveys and clinical observations in the context of Yoga, Ayurveda, Psychology, and modern medicine.

By concluding this course, students gain the knowledge and expertise to become qualified Yoga Therapists capable of understanding and managing chronic medical conditions through the therapeutic application of yoga. They are equipped to provide effective guidance and support to individuals in need, delivering a holistic approach to healing and wellness.