Fitness What exactly, is a digital detox?


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Jan 11, 2023
A digital detox is a defined period of time in which you reduce the time you spend interacting with technology. The part of the time can range from a few hours to a few days to many months, it's on your need.
A digital detox can be as effortless as simply turning off your notifications, fixing a time limit on your amount of screen time per day, or having a set period of self-imposed, non-screen duration.

Some people prefer to cut out all social media and non-necessary technology during a digital detox, and some choose not to use their smartphones, tablets, computers, or technology at all. If you also find yourself regularly stressing over small things, you must do a digital detox. Get a digital detox and help yourself. Digital Detox meaning solved by Nth Sense with 9 easy ideas to implement.