1. Red Roleplays

    Community How would you like MGN to help you ?

    Hi everyone, My name is Harley just wondering what all of you ladies and gentlemen would like to see out of MGN for instance, would you like to see more guides, Reviews, let's plays, and let's roleplay? Or would you like to see ways to get gear on a budget ect. Or it might be that you want to...
  2. Cornish Games Night

    Community Been seeing a lot of negative on freedom after this termination And i want to put my experience when i was working on the mgntv at the time

    If you are that person who had a bad experience I'm sorry but this is my personal experience and not yours I hope you understand. So I've been seeing a lot of people talking about freedom in a bad way saying they were conned and were expecting to get subs from just joining them etc. But for...
  3. MrGboy


    5/10 but if with discord. I'll rate it 9/10. It will be only 10/10 if your friends will be the other player at the same Lobby.
  4. MrGboy

    What was your suggested Mobile Game? Comment now!!!

    In other words let's talk a little bit about games. By not saying any Spoiling Discussion. Let's Talk About it.
  5. OpDeWeg

    Gaming (OpDeWeg Youtube)

    Hey. OpDeWeg Here Promotion! I make minecraft prison video's i do daily streams check me out!
  6. OpDeWeg

    Gaming OpDeWeg.

    Hey. OpDeWeg Here. I'm 17 Years old, tryna grow! (Minecraft Videos) Just wanted to introduce myself have a great day!
  7. MrGboy

    Can anyone tell me how Active Freedom Before?

    Asking to the old Members... Please reply i want to know:( Is it so different today?
  8. MrGboy

    Community Hello i am Gboy and from the Philippines

    Some of you would that i am like a spammer?! Maybe one time ill be in your posts, replying. Good Evening, Afternoon and Morning everyone. To everyone who reads this post... Thanks for reading and hoping that this will inspire you to be a Good Model of an Inspiring Youtuber. I am 15 Years old...
  9. KnightHunter Studios

    Gaming The Heir of Scorpio | Vlog 3 | Teaser Poster RELEASED, Filming Update + More! | GTA V Machinima HD |

    The third official Vlog for Grand Theft Auto The Heir of Scorpio; the ninth and final chapter in the 'Agent 11' film franchise. In today's video, we exclusively reveal the first official teaser poster for The Heir of Scorpio, whilst also discussing the upcoming promotional content period. In...
  10. G

    Solved Why is my youtube account not monetized?

    why is my account not monetized?, how long will the youtube account be monetized and make money from freedom?
  11. NPQ

    Entertainment New member

    Hello everyone, I am Nhat Anh and I have a channel, its name is NPQ TV. I don't know how to introduce myself. Thank you to read my introduce. Have a good day!. P/S: My English level is not very good. May everyone understand :)).
  12. M

    Solved Freedom not accept my reqest

    Hello Freedom Family Team I LOVE YOU But Still no Accept my Reqest Plzz Fast Rewiew my Channel. Monetization On My CHannel I clear No Copyright
  13. KJAGaming

    Gaming Zombie Uprising vs REAL WAR (100% Hell Nope)

    Streets of Rogue - Zombie Uprising vs Real WAR! (100% Hell Nope Edition) Streets of Rogue - ZOMBIE POWER WITH A WAR IN THE MIDDLE! Facepalm.... How Unlikely.... OF ALL THINGS! Like perfect timing to end it all.....
  14. Franklyn

    Solved How to find the freedom! custom ID from freedom's new dashboard?

    Hi, I am not being able to find the freedom custom id from new dashboard. Please tell me how to find it as I want to communicate message with the support team. Thanks
  15. A

    Gaming Hey, this is the introduction to my youtube channel

    Your name/alias: Where are you from?: New Jersey How old are you?: 18 How did you find Freedom!? Youtube back in like 2014 What made you join our forums?:Youtube Video What are your hobbies?: Boxing, gaming, basketball What is your favorite food? Pizza Why did you start YouTube? Thought it was...
  16. B

    Gaming Hello :)

    Hello Freedom, as of now I only have 20 subscribers and I don't really get a lot of views. So I decided to join FREEDOM! I heard about the amazing support that Goerge and the rest of the staff gives and I hope to be able to support you people as well. :) Channel name: Sensie Kwang (auto correct...
  17. K Army Gaming

    Solved After 2 months of review can We rejoin Freedom?

    So we finally got reviewed and accepted to the partner program. Are we able to rejoin Freedom?
  18. Basia Kuchnowska

    News Youtube just hate me...

    Can you help me? Youtube just f... me up. My subscribers didn't get information about my new materials. Can you help me reach 1k views?
  19. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Solved Freedom unlinked me from there partner program?? why?

    So I received an email from Freedom. Now keep im mind my iGoDZoFLuiGii has over 5.7K subs, has the 4K watch time needed so why was I removed? even when i go to my youtube page and check if I have Monetization it says all is good and enabled. shows im accepted, but when I got to the...
  20. K Army Gaming

    YouTube Are we allowed back in Freedom now?

    We passed the requirement for youtube With 6,499 watch hours and 1.15k subs. Where do we go to get back into freedom? Or are we still not allowed to?