1. Carl D

    Gaming Finally beat the horror game on Halloween.

    So I finally finished the game called IB and I discovered there where so many alternate endings I had to re film it due to audio issue but I hope you y'all enjoyed the video. Also Happy Halloween, also if y'all have any suggestions of what I can improve on just let me know.
  2. Carl D

    Community Do you make holiday videos for your channel?

    Out of curosity do y'all make holiday videos for example do you make halloween specials?
  3. Carl D

    Gaming Getting attacked by the red painted lady| Lets Play Ib Episode 2

    This is one of the most interesting gameplays that I've been playing its kinda scary and suspense but I do like some of the jumpscares of this videogame. Also would like to get some feedback of what I can improve on as well too.
  4. Carl D

    Spirit of October

    I wanted to ask the community of what they do to kick off the month of october I'm doing some gameplays and working on other stuff as well too.
  5. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Whale witch!

    ASMR narrated version A faster time lapse with music overlaid Been experimenting with narrating videos . which do you guys prefer, narrated ASMR videos with the sound of the objects or faster time lapse with music overlaid? who else gets freaked out by being around deep water or partaking...
  6. Deathlake

    Entertainment Relaxing or irrtating!

    Does this sound irritating or relaxing, which one do you lean to! XD what are your guys longest render, upload time or longest video? For example it took half a day just to render this simple animation in premiere pro then for upload I placed it on you tube at 7 am then it took till 2 am the...
  7. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Circus with candy trees!

    created this circus and toffee apples a while for an animation "Snabirtle circus" finally uploaded the record of making of the circus. what are your guys experience of a circus, your fav circus act or type or tree? if you can pick what ever item to grow from a tree what would it be and why? (...
  8. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What makes you cringe?

    super old video, created it 4 - 5 years ago had finally uploaded it. It was blurry, at the time I was so proud of painting on a A1 board. It was my second time ever painting at that size, thought the bigger the better! was so wrong, now every time I look back at the art and makeup I just...
  9. Deathlake

    Community 10p items halloween haul!

    managed to even buy cups for 10p! have any of you guys started Halloween hunting or whats one of your bargain buys! living like its Halloween is everyday XD
  10. Deathlake

    Film/Animation How to make a mountain for a game!

    Made a tutorial in how to sculpt and make a 3D mountain for a game using a game engine unreal engine. since its nearly Halloween made a mountain from blood red flesh instead of grass! Please do comment below or on the actual video if you can pick what a mountain is made of what would it be and...
  11. Krimzon Official Youtube

    Comedy Hello Everyone/ Glad to be a part of Freedom

    Hello Everyone here at Freedom, I am a YouTuber/ Entertainer and Musician who creates my unique style of vlogs and Halloween based music videos and more, I want to let you all know how thrilled I am to be a part of Freedom and look forward in growing with everyone here and If you have any...
  12. C

    [OPORTUNIDADE] Resultado do Evento de Halloween e NOVO SORTEIO!

    Olá pessoal, tudo bem com vocês? Primeiramente, gostaríamos de parabenizar os vencedores dessa edição do evento de Halloween! E também, gostaríamos de agradecer a todos que participaram, vocês foram incríveis! =) Agora sem mais delongas, os vencedores do evento de Halloween são: 1º Lugar -...
  13. sazchick20

    VLOG #halloweenhorrors Guess who came to visit us for Halloween?

    Hey peeps what's happening? I did a vlog for halloween. We do it a bit different. We decorate the front garden, dress up and scare the people that come to the door. We have done it every year and over the years it has gotten more and more popular. We raised money for The Macmillan & Mind...
  14. TheCodyNetwork

    Entertainment THE BOX - Official Trailer (2017) - HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!

    Happy Halloween to all you ghouls and goblins!! I'm back from my long break and better than ever! In celebration of the latest holiday, I spent the last month working on a sort-of-parody of the movie IT. ..... It's called The Box. ... This isn't actually being made. The trailer is just a joke...
  15. AustinCreates24

    Halloween special

    This is the image i made for my halloween special on youtube. I did it in colab and it turned out really great if i may say so ^^
  16. Deathlake

    VLOG Halloween!

    Please do comment below or on the actual video how you;re planning to celebrate Halloween or your early memories of the occasion! ^^ A few clips of the Halloween event capped off with chicken nugget food XD mini Halloween vlog Free Halloween comics from free Halloween comicfest comic book...
  17. samboytv

    YouTube Casa embrujada

    What would be your reaction knowing that your house is haunted leave your comments? Cual seria tu reacción sabiendo que tu casa está embrujada dejen sus comentarios? :confused::mad::eek::rolleyes:
  18. Daegnard

    Freedom! News [Información] Halloween: Participa en el #FreedomFrights de Octubre

    ¡Hola! Durante este mes tenemos activo un concurso especial de Halloween que finalizará el día 30 de Octubre. Hemos expandido la información de este concurso en este enlace. En este vídeo de Freedom! en Español podrás conocer nuestro concurso.
  19. Koala_Steamed

    Official Are you Spooktacular Enough? #FreedomFrights [contest + prizes]

    September Contest Winners Congratulations to our September contest winners! We are thankful for all your awesome entries and we are glad that some even joined in with multiple entries. The Forum Team had a lot of fun going through everyone's emojis. And now without further ado, the winners of...
  20. Deathlake

    Community Fresher fair freebies haul 2017 ! ^^

    Please do comment below or on the actual video your fav item in the video! when you was a fresher what was your fav freebie at the time ? ^^ Fresher fair freebies freebie haul, free samples, the student life, mini shih tzu dog appearance 2017, Halloween soon, Candy ready ^^