pc collaboration

  1. ausgaming


    hey guys im kieran im in the mix of transfering from xbox to pc but i can play both im 26 i will be receiving my pc in coming days just getting my collab ready while im waiting for all my gear to turn up within coming day location:sydney Australia times i play in normally after work from...
  2. Tim McCammon

    VR Looking to have fun with others!

    Hi! I'm Tim! I run a channel on YouTube called MonoNinja. I'm looking for people to collab and have fun with for a video! I have Xbox and a PC although I play Xbox a lot more I'd love to branch out! If you are interested in us growing together, Contact me on Discord or through my Email...
  3. Vortex

    PC Looking for people to play games with! :)

    Only requirement is 100 minimum active subscribers. Thank you and speak to you on discord (ask for details) TechDudeGamer
  4. D

    PC I have channel of tricks and tricks and I also play games want to collaborate with any so let's join

    I want to collaborate and have channel of tech and games
  5. DecrepitSundew3

    PC Small YTers having fun! (Low requirements!!)

    Hey #FreedomFamily! DecrepitSundew3 here and I'm on the lookout for people to collaborate and have fun with! We can record funny/epic moments on the following games: 1) Grand Theft Auto V 2) Garry's Mod 3) Borderlands 2 4) PayDay 2 5) Dead Rising 3 (Still need to install that) These are the...
  6. Vital Gaming

    PC Serious YT Collaboration

    I'm looking for SERIOUS YouTubers with 1+ year of experience to do some PC collaborations with. Requirements: (READ ALL BEFORE COMMENTING PLEASE) -Good mic -Good quality videos -Consistent uploads -1+ Years of YouTube experience (Numbers don't matter only dedication) Games: -CS:GO -Rainbow...
  7. ODI

    PC Battlefield 1 Squad

    Looking for some people to play Battlefield 1 with, cause it starts getting a bit boring playing alone. Just add me on Discord #1139 and if you have a youtube channel (which you 99% have) we can collab and ****. there is no requirements, ok i take that back.. i would prefer if: - you are 13+ -...
  8. DraycosDragon

    PC Gaming YouTube Collab

    I'm looking to collab with someone (hopefully more then one YouTuber) with many different games... Golf With Your Friends Garry's Mod (AKA: GMod) Minecraft (modded only because vanilla MC has gotten too boring for me) Roblox Cards Against Humanity (AKA: CAH) If you want to join me (and maybe...
  9. HKGaming

    PC Someone to collaborate with!?

    Hey! I'm Herman, and I have a small youtube channel with about 175+ subscribers :-) I would really like if someone want to play Arma 3? (Wasteland, different scenarios, missions etc.) I do also play some other games like GTA V, DCS World, Steep Open Beta and Heroes & Generals. Requirements...
  10. N

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with(pc)

    Hey i am 15 years old and play most games but not minecaft. I will like to have some people to collab with and around my age or older. You can contact me at twitter or just ride down in the thread.
  11. Gaming Gambit

    PC High Velocity Collab Group

    Hey all! I'm back again and wanting to start a project called "High Velocity" I'm aiming to make the group as good as it can possibly get. All it is, is a simple collaboration group but at a fair going pace. There are only minimal requirements that'll be listed below Requirements: -Must be 14+...
  12. Gaming Gambit

    Gaming PC Collabs [Horror/Adventure/Open-World]

    Hey all! I am looking for people to form a small collab group with for Horror games. GMT+0 (Can be other timezones but I may not always be available) Games: (Not a requirement but recommended) Garry's Mod gamemodes/maps Generic Horrors Rake GTA IV/V Access to Steam Access to F2P games...
  13. Mark Williams

    PC PC Collab Group

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to get back in YouTube as I've been busy for a little and need to make some more content. I have a lot of games that I can Collab with people such as Rust, Gmod, Gta5, Minecraft and there are some other big titles I have in my steam account. If you're...
  14. I


    Hello my name is Isaac I am 12 years old and I was wondering if any one wanted to play csgo with me. I just started a new channel and I really want to grow. I am making a gaming channel and I got bored of playing by my self. If you want to play with me please reply. PS: Please make...
  15. ShivGaming

    PC Looking for people to collaborate ( H1Z1, Rocket League )

    Hello there! I am Shiv, I am a 19 years old youtuber and I would like to collaborate with people from EU basically ( because of the time zone ) I play games such as H1Z1 King Of The Kill , Rocket League , Paladins, Hearthstone. I have 32 subscribers and I can collaborate with someone that is...
  16. T


    Hey guys and girls im looking for a group to play and record videos with. Must be 17+ have a good mic and a cool personality :D Heres my video.
  17. Anthony Henao

    Gaming Gaming Group (Average Gamers

    anyone interested in joining a gaming group we do for now only PC and Xbox consoles we want to help each other so if you have PS4 it's fine we can connect you to other people that have PS4 as we keep on growing, but for now PC and Xbox, our vision is based on helping each other grow our channels...
  18. Mainjay21

    Gaming Collab anyone PS3, PS4, PC

    Hey I'm Mainjay21 on YouTube and PSN Looking for anyone who wants to collab with me will take a max of 10 people to work with. I play on PlayStation or PC Games: No Man Sky, Battlefield, Project Reality, COD, GTA, etc Must have: *Mic are need or skype *Your own Recording system *A YouTube...
  19. Zonavix

    PC Gmod anyone?

    I would like to collab with some cool/funny people on gmod. You don't have to have any number of subs really just need to laugh and have fun. I have no friends on steam and i would like to play the game a bit before there is any recording done so we could be more comfortable cussing each other...
  20. KushalGamer

    PC Is Collaboration Like Business??

    So when I collaborate with other people I want us to be friends and not only talk to them in games cause that how other people do! But I want to actually talk outside of recording and become friends is that wrong??