1. CurelessMatt

    PC Ultra-Hardcore Survival Collab? Minecraft (PC)

    Hi Y'all! Longtime no see. Years ago my friend Tom and I would host these Ultra-Hardcore survival tournaments in Minecraft for our fellow youtubers and streamers. We had a blast doing these. We want to host another Tournament! and are wondering if anyone is interested in playing in one? If...
  2. PlatinumPurge

    Request Review on How I edited this Video!

    Hello, so over the last few weeks I have been lazy on how I was editing. Watching the Channel Reviews today. I decided to revamp my channel including my video editing skills. So I want to know if you guys liked the way of how I edited this video. I took different editing styles from different...
  3. Jack Bounds

    Gaming My BEST game on Fortnite: Battle Royale!

    I played my best game of Fortnite with somehow surviving someone sneaking up at me towards the final moments of the game! Also, does anyone know how I can remove the sounds of my controller sticks? I use Audacity and I can remove the sound but it makes the rest of the audio sound weird!
  4. Zatomic


    i just started recording on the game PUBG. please support me by hitting that like button and subscribe button
  5. I

    Gaming What do you think of my channel?

    Hello! I'm an Italian Youtuber, I do gameplays of various games that I like. Can you see my videos and give me an opinion? Thanks :D Enjoy:
  6. EmperorFun

    Gaming Minecraft Survival - A Whole New World

    Episode 1 It's a whole New World as we start our Minecraft Survival Series. We gather some Wood and build a little hut. We plant some wheat and kill some Pigs. We make some charcoal, start a mine and more is to come next time. Minecraft Survival - E2 - A Whole New World Minecraft Survival -...
  7. ninjajou10

    Gaming Minecraft achievements (vanilla) ep.1: Saying a lot of NO!?!?

    I just started a new series where I need to get all the achievements before others do it.
  8. ninjajou10

    Gaming Minecraft Troll Vanilla episode 13: THE END!!!!!

  9. Purpleoak

    Gaming State Of Decay Gameplay (YOSE) - THE ARMY AND AN AMBUSH - Surviving Zombies

    State Of Decay Walkhrough - Gameplay - THE AMBUSH - Lets Play State Of Decay (YOSE) , Hello everybody and welcome back I am Purpleoak. In this episode I show you more missions in state of decay year one survival edition for the Xbox One and PC. In this video we do an Army mission and another...
  10. G

    Gaming Why Are We Here?

    This is episode 3 of outlast 2 and id appreciate it if you guys came to check this out and subscribed thank you all!
  11. Won

    Gaming NAKED CANNIBALS AND KIDNAPPING!? | The Forest Blind Gameplay

    I hope y'all brought you're survival gear! NAKED PEOPLE KIDNAPPED MY TIMMY TOM! Watch me and come along for the journey as I survive in this game called The Forest!
  12. Al Valentyn

    Gaming Conan Exiles - PC Gameplay Early Access

    Conan Exiles is the first Sandbox Survival RPG I've enjoyed for quite sometime. Let's see what it's like shall we? In it you are an exile, outcast and downtrodden, sentenced to walk in a barbaric wasteland where the weak are crushed and only the strong can live. Here you must fight to survive...
  13. ghostkillgaming

    Gaming YouTube Noob

    Hey all, I am a new YouTuber who makes gaming videos! If you are interested in watching FPS(RB6 Siege, Arma 3) or survival games (Rust and DayZ, maybe Unturned, coming soon!) make sure to check out my channel. I would greatly appreciate any comments you have! Also, what do you guys think of my...
  14. Behind2Beards

    Gaming Check out this brand NEW First person Open Sea Survivor! RAFT!

    This game is amazing, its a brand new indie survivor game thats currently in early stages of development! We are very impressed with it and hope you are too!
  15. LtGeneralStore

    Survival Game Suggestions

    Hello all! I'm looking for a kind of specific game. I've been searching for a survival game but nothing has got me hooked. I played Subsistence and 7 Days to Die, both are good but like I said I'm not hooked. Some features I'd like are: Post apocalyptic I'd like some kind of urban setting I...
  16. Al Valentyn

    Gaming AGONY - Surviving in Hell

    A fantastical Survival Horror game set in Hell. Take a trip into madness in the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming! Agony is a first-person, survival horror set in hell. You will begin your journey as a tormented soul within the depths of hell without any memories about...
  17. Mancoplays

    Colaboración en PC Busco a gente para grabar entre 13-17 años

    busco a gente ´seria´ (que sea responsable y buena persona) para grabar una serie de minecraft con mods en un servidor con mas gente, el servidor va a ser privado. Requisitos: - tener entre 13 a 17 años -Ser amable y buena persona - Tener un buen pc -tener canal de youtube y suba un video a la...
  18. Monkeyboygamer

    Gaming New Collaboration on Infestation The New Z

    New collaboration with RamziesPlays hope you all like it and enjoy it we had a lot of fun recording this for you lovely gamers out there!In this part we finally meet after some time -during which I take my revenge on some zombies- and we have a lot of fun deciding what to do next.I look forward...
  19. FredRs

    Request FredMc channel rebrand/review/help

    hey everybody im currently changing my channel bit to more minecraft based videos specificaly a survival series and i have just posted my first episode or the pilot if you will. i need to know if you all see the lagg or how bad it is. also if anyone out there could help me out with a new...