VR Offering Teamspeak Areas on Our Server [Free]


Lately I have been thinking that a Teamspeak Server I host isn't being as active as it potentially could be. It is a 400 slot server and I really want to make the most of it.

So I thought to myself, what's the best way to allow people to use it.

I spoke to some of the staff team within Gamers United, and we came up with an idea.

I am more than happy to offer free "Areas" on our Server for anyone who needs them for anything such as Gaming, Meet Ups, Streams, Groups, Clans etc. We will allow you to have as many channels as you want (As long as suitable & Realistic) and will set you as channel admin. From then on, you can do anything you want with the channel(s).

An example of what an Area on our Teamspeak would look like is the following:

This will be totally free! We just ask that if you are going to do this, then your area is active at least 2 days a week otherwise we will look into deleting the area unless you have valid reasons for any inactivity.

If you are interested, then please either reply to this thread or PM me using the template below:
  • Your Name​
  • How many channels you would want (Naming the channels will make this better for us)​
  • What the area will be used for (Gaming? Streams? etc)​
  • How many people would possibly use it? (Does not need to be exact)​
  • Will it be active?​
We hope to be able to provide people with areas on the server, and look forward to helping some of you out.


Lewis & Gamers United Staff.​