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Feb 21, 2014
Hello Freedomer!
Seems like you found the Channel and Branding Critique section. Here are a few reminders for using this part of the forums:
  • Request for feedback on matters regarding your Channel and your Branding; ergo, the name of the section, 'Channel and Branding Critique'. Do not request for feedback on anything else. We have other sections for that.
  • Do not spam this section just for the purpose of promoting your channel or videos.
  • Be open to criticisms. You chose to post here, so we will judge as we wish.
  • Provide constructive criticism. Compliments like "Great video!" or "Good job!" are wonderful, they actually boost a creator's confidence. However, we encourage you to provide constructive criticism to our fellow Freedomers, not only that you are helping them but you are building your reputation as well.
  • Reminder above doesn't mean you can't post shorthand compliments, we just encourage you to provide much helpful feedback.
That's it for now and happy foruming! :D
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