1. Robert Frampus Frye

    VLOG Hello all!! I post Vlogs and Flosstube videos

    Your name/alias: Robert Frampus Frye Where are you from?: Kansas City, MO What do you do for work?: I manage and work in a group home for adults with disabilities. How old are you?: 28 How did you find Freedom!?: By doing a google search for networks to join. What made you join our forums...
  2. Scalperhero

    VLOG Zombie apocalypse and how to survive it Part 3

    In this part of how to survive the zombie apocalypse we talk more on maintaining a prison but we mostly talk about having weapons the main weapons to use are silent weapons such as bats swords and crowbars for silent killing the zombies after all you don't want to be making to much noise when...
  3. A


    I made an anti-war movie in light of the world leaders taking military action against each other. Until we get rid of this war mentality..we're dead. 30 of the near 200 countries spend almost 2 TRILLION dollars a year on scaring off other countries but cannot meet the basic needs of human...
  4. The Suburbs

    VLOG Hello!

    Hello, my name is Oliver. I run a YouTube channel called The Suburbs. I post basically whatever I happen to being doing, I usually upload on weekends but I'm going to try to upload daily during the summer. If you have any suggestions for videos make sure to let me know and I'll do it! Thanks for...
  5. MDavisTV

    VLOG Daily Vlogging this Week!

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthKosN9A7FGdoy1MsdOCag Decided to daily vlog for this week and if it goes over well with you guys I will continue to carry on the streak! I mostly play games on my channel but I decided to change it up and see how it goes! hope you guys enjoy!
  6. Sophie Pecora

    Music Hi Everyone, I'm Sophie

    Just thought I would introduce myself. I'm 13 years old and love music. I'm looking to see how this community is. I've been doing most things on my own as honestly I'm not around a lot of other kids that enjoy what I enjoy. I spend a lot of time with my music and in my music room. I love to...
  7. OriginalNex TV

    Entertainment My New Welcome VIDEO (WATCH)

    Hey guys any chance of some feed back on my Welcome video? Also if you like the content please I would be very thankful if you checked out other videos by me and subscribed if you liked the content. Leave a comment.
  8. John Squartino

    VLOG I'm an Insane Human Being! Help me find my dad!

    My name is John and I make the craziest most insane videos on YouTube...some say I'm an immature poor excuse for a video maker. Others say that I am the master of sarcastic humor. I'm not a real doctor either.... Do you kids like raunchy comedy? Do you like exploring abandoned places? Do you...
  9. Evasive Eight019

    Community Good forums to promote My new Vlog

    Hey freedom family I recently made a Vlog channel focusing on bipolar awareness called Bipolar Rants. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_yWDi4iLU-P6kytumb2qkQ But I'm having issues finding places to promote it, mostly cause my other channel is a gaming channel and their kinda polar opposites...
  10. Taigo Bug

    Nuevo en la familia F!

    Hola a todos. Me presento... Me dicen TaigoBug, soy de Argentina, y me dedico a hacer motovlogs. No cuento con cámara deportiva, pero es tanta la pasión que le pongo a esto, que adapté el celular al casco. Este es mi canal: LINK Vas a encontrar: Paisajes, humor, tutoriales, secciones de otros...
  11. OsazeVlogs

    VLOG HEYOOO I'M OSAZE (OH-SAH-ZAY) & I'm a Jamaican Vlogger! lol

    Hey Everyone! I'm Osaze (Oh-Sah-Zay) and i recently started vlogging about 2 months ago for a new focus, I do daily uploads! And I believe my vlogs are pretty entertaining! My channel name is OsazeVlogs on youtube. Unfortunately I can't post any links yet because I''m new to the forum. But a...
  12. OsazeVlogs

    YouTube What's the best way to promote my vlog channel?

    Hey Everyone! I recently started vlogging about 2 months ago! Current sub count is 782. Currently I use Snapchat,Instagram, forums & twitter to promote my channel as well was SEO and captivating titles and thumbnails ! I'm consistent ,with daily uploads and definitely optimizing my search with...
  13. Purpleoak

    YouTube Sometimes I do feel like quitting Youtube

    Hey everyone my name is Purpleoak and I won't make this too long. I'm just having some feels today lol I have been doing Youtube since August. The beginning of this year though I started doing things differently and I'm taking it more serious. The down side is that I run a gaming channel and it...
  14. Betta

    YouTube Channel Name

    I'm starting a new channel and I'm confused which name for the channel should I choose. This channel will be mostly my personal vlog. Here's a list of words that I like that may be the inspiration: Sonder (n) the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as yours Ravel (v)...
  15. MWproductions1000

    VLOG Animarathon 2017 Part 2 - Sir Snooty, Pink Guy, Leafy, and the Rave

    The second and final part of my annual Animarathon vlog is here! This one contains clips from Sir Snooty's Panel Against Humanity and the rave! Tomorrow I'll be putting out the cosplay competition video I shot, so be on the lookout for that!
  16. Scalperhero

    VLOG Zombie apocalypse and how to survive it Part 2

    Welcome back to part 2 of my series on the zombie apocalypse and how to survive it in this part we talked about things that you would need such as food and scrap metal and the fact that would don't want to go to the food stores right away do to high danger of running into people that could hurt...
  17. MWproductions1000

    VLOG Animarathon 2017 Part 1

    My annual Animarathon vlog is here! I recorded so much stuff I had to actually split the video into two parts. Part two will be out tomorrow!
  18. MWproductions1000


    I am joined by my brother and his friend to partake in the Bean Boozled challenge! Watch as we eat disgusting jelly beans!
  19. Marcus Walker

    VLOG New video!

    Let me know what you guys think i should do!
  20. Scalperhero

    VLOG Zombie Apocalypse And How To Survive It Part 1

    Welcome to scalperhero's guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse in this series me and my friend kyle talk to you guys about the zombie apocalypse this fist part on how to survive it is about getting to a safe place thats your fist priority get a base set down on where your going to be surviving